How many do I need for a private party?

You just need 6 participants!  If you need to use a public restaurant, vineyard, or bar- we would need to check availability, and the minimum number would need to increase to at least 10 to justify staffing.  It is a case by case basis depending on busy times.  Most public places will not allow a paint party on their busiest nights (Friday, Saturday) So consider a home, office, church, or private community center for your event.  

What is the cost?

Generally $25 per person or $150 min. If you host a large group of 20 or more - we can discuss a group discount if you are a church or non-profit. Add $5 per person if using a vineyard venue.. they require a minimum purchase of wine or cheese. 

What about children?  Do you do children’s birthday parties?

The amount of work is the same for any age (often more for children because I pre-draw canvases).  I can reduce the canvas size and give a group rate according to the size of the party. My parties are tailored to adult crowds- but I can make considerations for mature groups of children that are mature.  Average age above 7.   Very young children lose interest quickly.

What do you provide with that price?

I provide all supplies, 11x14 canvas, aprons, speaker system for larger settings, my own table for set up, step by step instruction, and clean up.  Allow 4 hours from beginning to end of the process. I generally need about 30 minutes for set up and tear down afterwards.

Do you come to my location or do you have a studio?

I am a mobile business!  I come to you!  If you prefer a restaurant or bar, I have a selection of places that allow our private parties. Keep in mind they may  prefer a week night due to weekends being very busy.  Some establishments will require a min. purchase- this will be separate from my charge.  

Do you provide wine or food?

No, I do not.  It is up to the host to provide food/ beverages for guests.  If you have a party at a public location, they would appreciate patronage for allowing our party.    Some may require a minimum purchase in order to justify staffing.

How far in advance do I need to book an event?

I would like at least 1 week notice in order to gather supplies.  My calendar fills up quickly.  It would be best to check my dates listed and pinned to the top of my Facebook page as soon as you have an idea of the time frame. 

How do I book an event?

Simply fill out this form below.  You may be asked for a deposit for larger parties. and there is a tab to contact me. Cell 270-392-0595 or email me a

How far will you travel?

 I will travel most anywhere!  If over 50 miles, we can discuss logistics! 

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